About Us

Bringing the Internet Advantage to Small Businesses

CHOICE 3 is a service designed by NetSolutions Northwest, Inc. The service is designed specifically with small businesses in mind and is really an outflow of our company and our philosophy. Here's a bit about who we are.

The focus of NetSolutions Northwest is Small Business. Our purpose is to help small companies utilize the internet effectively to benefit their business. Our belief is that small companies have a right to benefit from the internet just as much as large companies.


We have chosen a slogan to summarize our approach to doing business: "Bringing the Internet Advantage to Small Businesses." That slogan is the foundation for all our research, product development, operations, and pricing.

When we discover an obstacle that hinders small businesses from utilizing the internet, we work to remove that obstacle.

Here are some things we do specifically to make it easier for you to benefit from the internet:

  • We keep our prices reasonable.
  • We offer what you need.
  • We communicate in your terms.
  • We provide friendly support.
  • We simplify your internet processes.
  • We produce professional results.

We know you need a good value for the dollars you spend, so we have gone to great pains to streamline our processes. This keeps our prices down, so you could afford a web presence. We have found a way to offer a professionally designed website without you paying the price for a custom design.

Knowing that you are busy enough as it is, we devised ways to save you time in the process of determining the design of your website. When we discovered that writing the content for your pages was an obstacle for many small businesses, we went right to work on a way to simplify that process for you.

We want to be part of your business success story and we work hard to earn the right to serve you.

NetSolutions Northwest has been operating since 1998. The principals of the business are Mike Barrett and Ray Ellis. Mike has operated his own business for many years and has helped setup and manage others. Ray has spent years developing computer applications to help small business and local government make better use of their staff time and resources. Our entire staff shares the vision of serving small businesses by bringing the Internet Advantage within their reach.

Contact us today to see what a "CHOICE 3" website can begin to do for your business.



How to get started:

Call us for an appointment

Call 1-800-709-1077. We'll set up a visit to show you the benefits that a web site will bring to your company. We'll answer any questions you might have. You're under no obligation, but should you choose to, we can get the basic information from you to get started right away.

Ask for more information

This website has touched on most of what you'll want to know. Call to request an appointment and we can explain everything to your satisfaction. Or, if you have a specific question, use our contact form to ask for any detail or clarification. We can provide an overview of a selection of our designs.

Just purchase a package now

Want the fast route to getting online? If you like our offering and know you want to get started right away, just call and ask for a priority appointment. We'll make time for you immediately and bring everything you need to guide you through the decisions in a painless interview and selection process. Call us at 1‑800‑709‑1077.


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